SFX- National award

SFX- National award

Student Services Hub, Canteen, New staff rooms

Location Florey ACT
Size 10M
Project start June 2011
Project finish April 2012


Construction of Saint Francis Xavier College started off as a construction of Student Services Hub, single storey structure to accommodate foyer, canteen and seating area for the students

As the construction progressed further, the school found more funding and decided to build a staffroom area above the Hub, creating a wonderful, peaceful space for all the staff, including toilets and small kitchenette and two more classrooms.

Later on, the lift and covered walkway was added to the project to link the existing building with the new one.

The whole project was steel structure with the lower part of the building bricked out and the rest of the building cladded with zincallume for easy maintenance.

The interior has been designed with function and easy maintenance in mind. Modern materials and colours have been used to create a calming space. Open floor plan gives the whole project the feel of airiness and soothing sense.